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Implementing Resolution 41-NQ/TW: Creating breakthrough motivation for the Oil and Gas industry

In particular, in recent years, LNG has continuously been named and become an inevitable trend and new direction of Vietnam's gas industry.

The historic train that brought the first LNG to Thi Vai port of Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) was like a "hit", adding color to the monochrome picture and making Vietnam's gas energy market present. is becoming more vibrant than ever.

In this field in Vietnam, the potential for opportunities is huge, but it will also contain many challenges that require the state and businesses to always be proactive, seize opportunities and have effective solutions. , can master this international game.

Potential and opportunities – Bright colors of the picture

The Party and State are very interested and focused on the country's economic development in parallel with realizing commitments at the COP26 Conference, striving to achieve 'zero' net emissions by 2050. With green characteristics , clean, sustainable, environmentally friendly, LNG is determined to be Vietnam's optimal energy solution at this time. LNG will help reduce pressure on domestic gas sources, diversify energy sources, minimize energy security risks, as well as create many opportunities for socio-economic development.

Power Plan VIII has determined that renewable gas thermal power sources from LNG (or "LNG gas" for short) account for more than 14.9% of the total capacity of the entire national power generation system by 2030 and are a in sources to help ensure sufficient, stable and safe supply of the national electricity system. With demand like this, Vietnam is currently expected to become a large importer, have a strong influence on the world LNG market and is being sought after by many international LNG suppliers.

In addition, with a favorable geographical location in the center of Southeast Asia, with many large seaports capable of receiving LNG tankers, convenient for importing and distributing LNG, Vietnam can become a LNG energy hub in the region, thereby attracting international investors and businesses. In particular, PV GAS's first and largest LNG Terminal project in Vietnam is about to be inaugurated and put into operation, and is expected to become an important link in the business and supply of regasified gas.

LNG - Bức tranh đa sắc màu của thị trường năng lượng Việt Nam
Hệ thống Kho cảng LNG đầu tiên và lớn nhất Việt Nam của PV GAS chuẩn bị đi vào hoạt động

Furthermore, when LNG is imported to Vietnam, there will be no shortage of "useful land" when it is applied in a variety of fields such as: Electricity, transportation, industry, civil service... This makes LNG also become a "powerhouse". "lucrative bait" for businesses in Vietnam as well as internationally.

Challenges need to be resolved soon

Besides the potentials and opportunities, in reality there are still many difficulties and challenges and more time is needed to realize the state's goals in applying LNG.

First, there is the issue of infrastructure investment costs. Building LNG transportation, storage and electricity distribution infrastructure requires large capital investment and modern technology. The process of transporting, storing and using LNG electricity also requires safety with a strictly controlled process.

Currently, in Vietnam, only PV GAS's Thi Vai LNG Terminal System has been confirmed to fully meet domestic and international standards and regulations, as well as requirements for operational and cargo safety. sea; and is highly appreciated for its detail, feasibility and rigor between operational stages, ready to go into operation.

The source of LNG to Vietnam is currently ready after the first LNG ship docked at Thi Vai, but there are still many obstacles to bringing this new energy source to the market, including the formation of policy mechanisms. decisive role because without a mechanism, there cannot be a direction for further work to be implemented.

LNG - Bức tranh đa sắc màu của thị trường năng lượng Việt Nam
Bến cảng xăng dầu Cái Mép có khả năng tiếp nhận tàu chở LNG tải trọng lên đến 100.000 tấn.

The state's legal frameworks for LNG power as well as taxes for this fuel are still in the process of being drafted or have not yet met the set goals. The status of investment registration follows the movement, requiring state research and energy management agencies to focus more carefully.

Imported LNG fuel prices have also fluctuated over the past 10 years, so there needs to be a suitable price mechanism for Vietnam's LNG market in electricity production.

As a pioneer, PV GAS has been actively participating with relevant ministries, departments and branches in building policy mechanisms with the expectation of policy mechanisms for this type of energy. will soon be completed to bring new energy sources to the market to serve life and production, promoting the development of the LNG industry in Vietnam for the purpose of energy security as well as energy conversion of the country. nation.

18 Oct 2023

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